Self-help life truths., The free mind of a human god!

The eternal.

“Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves.  Its eternal goal is life.”  ~ Smiley Blanton; speech pathology doctor, therapist, counselor, and author.

Our physical bodies, including our flawed conscious minds which we use daily, were created for us humans to experience and love life in a way which can only be done through physicality; however, our energy which is eternal, our god within which is the real us is the one connecting all life together.  As a consequence of having each one of us a different body and mind, we see and meet each other for the first time, and even a last time when we die in the flesh, and this is because our bank of memory is of this earth, of a beginning and an end, so we remember what is in between birth and death; however, there is a memory which works by deep sensations and very different than our conscious mind, which emerges from Infinite Intelligence and works within each cell of our bodies rather than just in the head.

This memory bank from Infinite Intelligence is eternal and it is the memory of our real selves, of our energy, of our god-self.  Love then, true and pure love essence which is the condition of our very existence, recognizes those important beings in our life, humans and otherwise, the ones that our conscious minds tell us we meet for the first time. This is a sensation exploding within each cell of our body (where Infinite Intelligence flows), not an image or a voice; images and voices are created by the ego, by the conscious, whenever we use imagination or design thoughts in our daily life.

So, in a sense, we already have met those important souls or love essences who will change our physical lives and who will create that sensation of unity in us, while our Infinite Intelligence memory banks become respondent to the vibrations each other emanate.

To align heart and mind and find these souls to vibrate at the same rate and in beautiful and perfect harmony is not something that common or usual nowadays, because most of the time people follow their egos when meeting other people; and this is okay for our human connection, but it is not allowing Infinite Intelligence to attract by soul or spiritual vibration, we must align heart and mind for that and stop the conscious mind from searching through desire and fear of loneliness.

So, just stop yourself from expecting and searching so much, elevate yourself and your own life, increase your wisdom and your light, and just let yourself be carried by life.  Don’t resist life or meeting new people, but do go slow and do not stress yourself about the right person or about your time to do so.
Allow life time, stop watching the clock and desperately desiring; then, when you finally do this and erase all desire from your mind, life will act and souls will meet.


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