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Developing art…

Creating great art

You know, there’s a common pattern among people who do art–like authors, like painters, like dancers, like craftspeople of all kinds. They often have no strategy, or not a very precise strategy. Sometimes we just have a vision or idea in our minds, and we just create as we go.

You may get a gut feeling about something. Your intuition could be guiding you to something, or to somewhere. Yet you can’t see the whole road ahead. I personally think this is, sometimes, really good. The mystery and the unknown force you to challenge yourself to develop great art forms.

Following your intuition

Now, the thing with going with your gut feeling, or intuition, is that if you spend too much time analyzing, or even overthinking, you may get lost or confused and thus lose your main focus. (This is not saying that having a strategy, a detailed development of your art process, is not good).

I’m just reminding you that if you are to follow intuition that you shouldn’t analyze everything perfectly. For example, as an author, I have a simple idea to start a story, and then, as I write, I immerse myself in the story itself and develop new ideas to develop further that story.

I recently learned from Twitter that some people call my creative process being a ‘pantser’. (Not really into labels). I just like to develop ideas as I go, and as I live the emotional roller coaster of the story I’m writing. In this sense, following my intuition without overanalyzing anything is what brings great art to life.