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The true revolution.

Want to be rebellious…??  So, what is to be rebellious??  What is a true revolution??  One that brings real change ethically, morally, consciously, not the popular, so-called “revolution” which only obsesses people with unconscious and violent goals focusing on forcing change on others.

This is just being submerged in your own egotism and so weak that you are being influenced by the outside thought system of society.  You are lost then, no ethics, no morals.  What is left…??

Everything we are as human beings is created by the content of our minds, we are what we have in, or allow into, our minds; as this forms our characters, our behaviors, our very views on what is right and wrong or on what is truth and deceit.  So, what is the content of your mind…??

We all must continually monitor or remain aware of the content of our minds, because we are constantly being bombarded by the ignorant outside on what truth, on what change, on what revolution is.

But only the individual who seeks revolution within knows all this, and the ones who follow the anger, the frustration, the rebelliousness of society is lost and without awareness of what truth and justice are.  So, doomed to suffer their own anger, their own downfall.


Your mind must be in constant revolution then, but in constant revolution or change in the search for integrity and goodness in yourself; therefore, this change will make you a better human so you can share your example unto others, so your life can prosper and you may learn to understand yourself in it.

Be an individual, do not seek to express your anger and rebelliousness as the rabble does, because this is chaos which only comes from anxiety and fear in the mind.  No awakening has fear as its center, and no life can be better by displays of anger and violence.


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