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The Unbreakable!

“Truth and Honesty is the oldest and most powerful of all of the human values.”  ~ Gary King; American political scientist and quantitative methodologist.

“Truth allows you to live with integrity.  Everything you do and say shows the world who you really are.  Let it be the Truth.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey.

People tend to follow their egos and always seek the approval and attention from others, they say and do to be liked, to be praised by others; however, this is as superficial as the understating of true love that they have, because this is the opposite of love, this is fear of not being accepted and liked by others.

And while you cave into this fear and focus on being liked by others, you neglect and disrespect yourself, you distance yourself from all self-love.


In this ignorant process of the mediocre mind then, one forgets one’s own deep value, namely the truth, God, peace; for truth is not to follow the ego and the selfish desire to be praised and liked by others, because if you do this you will never have a peaceful mind but an agitated one which always tries to please everyone you meet.

The truth is whatever is eternal and not tied to thoughts and characters of man, and this is why the truth will stand on its own and will strengthen the man and woman who lives based on on it, who experiences it in his thoughts, words, and behaviors every single day.  To live with the truth is easier than not, because all that which is not the truth makes a cause for man’s deceit and ego-centered activities.
One must realize that man dies (ages and changes under times tyranny) and is ruled by his ego, which creates moods and characters within him, which may make a man weak and distanced from all love and rationale; however, the truth is what makes man elevate himself because there is nothing that can overcome the truth nor deny it, and the truth is eternal and to be 100% relied upon.

Furthermore, man is ruled by good and evil, all types of characters, moral and philosophical changes of all kinds, decay and death. But the truth stands by itself, rules itself, and it is freedom, it is one and is eternal.

Living and experiencing the truth in your thoughts, words, and daily behaviors is real power, because with the truth you are free to be yourself, unique, and so you are not chained to opinions, beliefs, influences, and the fear of not being liked by others.

Embrace this every day and become the truth to light up your mind and elevate yourself, and even help elevate others with your superior example, your superior behavior.


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