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Keep your dreams alive.

Parents mean well, most of the time; however, they can induce in the child their own ideas, beliefs, and ways to go about in life. This, even without the growing child’s knowledge, can really become a burden to the mind. The burden cements into addiction. Addiction even into illness. But the now adult cannot see it, because his programming has been set as the “normal” for him.

Stifling dreams. Creating beliefs and traditions. Patterns of overthinking and impulsive behaviors. Childhood can do this. Parents can do this. But life is not the way parents see it, because they have just their opinions and experiences. And you are different, it doesn’t matter what others say. A dead dream becomes easily a dead person inside. Make sure you become alive and aware of your dreams, of your ideas, of your own ways to see life; and thus leave the past taught to you behind.

And if you are into the ‘Harry Potter’, and also the ‘Percy Jackson’ novels, then you’ll enjoy this series about gods, demons, magic, and self-discovery.

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