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After loss & heartbreak

The greatest miracle

One of the best things to discover in life is the fact that you can heal yourself. To realize that you can continue, that you can have a purpose, that you can value yourself much more, especially after loss and heartbreak. This is the greatest miracle, to find this truth in yourself. But how do you do it, or how do you find this truth in you when all you feel is pain..??

Letting go

Well, you find it by making your mind less noisy, less jugmental, less anxious, less focused on the world and the drama. I am talking about letting go of the ego which is always seeking self-pity, and always reminding you of your past hurt, and always giving you fears to start a new, exciting chapter in your life–fears of repeating the past.

A new, better mindset

See, your mindset will create your life moving forward. So, if your mind is filled by this ego, which always brings up the hurtful past and keeps you in fear, then you will only envision more hurt and disappointment for your future. But if your mind can practice, with each thought you have, self-awareness and thus let go of this weak mind state, then your very mindset will change and become stronger in time.