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The birth of friendship

The purest connection

Nothing is stronger than friendship. This pure love/connection that brings trust, safety, loyalty, commitment to growth. I’m talking about the greatest and purest friendship there is: Friendship with yourself.

This type of friendship gets rid of self-doubt, self-neglect, patterns of self-pity, feelings of loneliness and self-loathing. It brings great trust and loyalty, so you can accept your flaws and work on yourself proudly.

True intelligence/A better world

Society is the way it is due to always focusing on the external–on what they say, on what they believe, on what to buy, on appearances, on following the thought and behavior of others, etc. If we were to focus on the internal, on befriending ourselves wholly, then expansion of self-awareness would make each one of us better human beings, for self-inquiry would bring true intelligence into our minds, thus a better world for all of us in every aspect would bloom.