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Better lives

Too much anxiety

I feel that worry is only truly useful when we can change an outcome. Too much worry, that anxiety that makes you feel fearful and frustrated, self-doubt and self-conscious, can be really damaging for our well-being.

I’m not talking about the worry of the mother for her son on his 1st day of school. I’m talking about the worry of, for example, what other people think of you, or the worry that comes from thinking about the job you applied for, or the worry from your financial situation that is also stressing you and making you angry even with the people around you.

Just do your best

We live better lives if we are brave, which means detaching ourselves from this useless worry and anxiety, letting go from the mental ritual of overthinking. I always say ‘I’ll change whatever I can. The rest is not up to me’. Life is a roller coaster. Up and down.

Sometimes we don’t even know where it’s going. But the only power, the greatest power we have in fact, is to steer our mind into greater purpose. This means that we should seek to be more serene and easygoing. Go with the flow. Do our best, let the rest be.