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Aging and your mental garbage.

Why would somebody intelligent age this way, unhealthily, immorally, as an insult to…




So, most people see themselves aging, wrinkles, losing muscle mass, less energy; and so, they believe that they have to accept this, and so they let themselves go either because they are lazy or because they believe that the mind will age as the body.

But they feel old and aging, losing youth and becoming depressed at this, not because of the passing of time but because of their irrational and immoral belief.  To respect and love yourself is to really ponder this, and take the necessary steps every day to become healthier, sharper, more open-minded.

Aging is really a gift from life, and you only experience this as a gift if you take care of yourself.  Do you have extra body fat which invites illness and weakens your immune system??  And what about eating the wrong foods and quantities, thus making your ability to think slower, duller, close-minded??

Why would somebody intelligent age this way, unhealthily, immorally, as an insult to yourself and as a bad example to others…??  The excuse of having no time is your excuse, isn’t it??  When you develop true love, respect, illumination, then you see beyond all these pitiful excuses.

But when will YOU see the truth about life, you keep aging but you never see it.  Why??  Life is your chance to see this, so make sure you get rid of the mental garbage which does not let you see it.





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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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