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This starts in your mind, as everything starts in your mind, and this fact is not something you can…

To run away from challenges is to fear.  To hate pain and do anything we can to avoid it is to fear.  To whine and complain about the past and about the difficult situations we have is to fear.  And fear is like poison in your blood, once it is there, inside you, you might not feel it damaging you at first; however, in time, sooner or later, it will eat away all your energy for hope, faith, and strength to keep living a life you desire–i.e., it shall eat away your joy and make you see life as meaningless.

When there is no energy for hope, faith, and strength, the human creature is as good as dead; because what matters in life, what designs your life, is how you feel inside, the energy to enjoy life you have, and so without hope, faith and strength you are nothing.  We can see this in the people who have killed themselves around the world, slowly or in a period of time; but depression is a deep chasm or infernal abyss which steals all your energy and distorts every experience you have.  And without the inner living and enjoying of your own experiences, what is there to this life…??

Some people pray, some meditate, some occupy their time reading inspirational books, some do other things which ignite great character in them to maintain a positive and vigorous energy.  Whatever you do, you must keep hope, faith, and strength; for these are the inner traits which keep a man or woman afloat when the tempest tries to wallop you and sink you to the depths of the sea.

This starts in your mind, as everything starts in your mind, and this fact is not something you can choose or argue; so you must dedicate your time to produce the best mind, because in order to embody the spiritual traits needed to live a better life your mind has to flourish in paradise–i.e., resurrect from dead.


Painting: “Little Initiate.”
Little initiate (Alchemy painting)
Faith gives you hope.  Hope gives you strength.  The gateways to life.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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