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The first Gnostic…??

Another very important thing to understand is that back then Gnostics, Alchemists, individuals looking…


In the Christian world, Satan has been known by various names such as the adversary, the Liar, the Great Dragon, the Prince of Evil Spirits, and God of this World, to name a few.  Now, one thing to understand is that Satan and Lucifer are two different symbols or entities, but of course in the Christian religion they both are the same.  According to scientific researchers, ancient manuscripts, and a number of professionals in Theosophy, Satan was the first Gnostic; and this Gnostic’s real name was Simon Magus, back then also known as ‘Simon The Sorcerer’ and ‘Simon The Magician.” So,  The Gnostics were adversarial to the Church and Rome.  They would be the men of profound knowledge (gnosis) who opposed the Church’s teachings and would plot against its aims in controlling the mind of the ignorant masses.

So, Simon Magus, obviously, was the first and most dangerous enemy of the Church, since Simon Magus was a great Alchemist and leader or head of a great number of students in Gnosticism.  Another very important thing to understand is that back then Gnostics, Alchemists, individuals looking for God and truth within themselves and all nature, were seen as possessed by demons, rebels, black magicians, and all this occult nonsense.  Today we have internet, books, people speaking out with the truth, and religions cannot do anything about it; for nothing is really occult or hidden to the truth-seeker anymore.  For example, I am a Gnostic, an Alchemist, but I can share with whomever I please because there is freedom of speech; however, back then, the Church, ‘The Whore of The World,’ would control everything and everyone, and would punish and kill whomever rebelled against their mind-controlling schemes.
How was Satan born…??  The Church created him in order to control and enslave the minds of people:  “If you baptize, if you follow my religion, if you pray to God, if you do as you are told by us, then Satan will not have power over you.  You will be saved by the Church.” 
Another thing I thought it was interesting:  In some images, he has horns also.  So why does Satan have horns…??  In the first era of Christianity, the Church was still trying to wipe out paganism (The Gnostics), so one of the main sources of propaganda was to take a pagan deity and turn him into something sinister, because in order to control the mind the Church and all religions use fear in their words and images, as previously stated.  So that is how Egyptian gods like Bes and Isis–a feminine deity who is often shown wearing the headdress of Hathor–became variations of a horned Satan…  As you can see, all has its symbolism and origin from ancient Egypt and Alchemy…


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