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They wear masks to compete and become attractive to others, they are never…

You are here to be an individual, to be you, to love you and care for you; after that love is self-discovered and you are happy with yourself, strong, confident, able to love being alone with yourself, then that love can expand outwardly and you can properly care for others.  But first you must be your truest and most faithful friend, when situations are easy and when they are not, always there for yourself.  Can you truly see the value in this…??

Now, most people in the world seek to be an individual, seek for love and happiness out there; they cannot bear to be alone, they hate themselves if they are alone for a long time, they do not know love because they seek it out there like the rest.  So, in this empty game they play they find themselves alone and confused, following the ignorant crowd, they cannot reach intelligence because their minds are in agitation, always worried and stressed about relationships and being liked by others.  Their attention falls into the world of form, thus their energy is misused by trying to compete and be liked by their potential partners, their bosses, their family, their friends, etc.  They wear masks to compete and become attractive to others, they are never themselves because being themselves means to be emotionally exposed (which means taking off their masks), and so they are never truly free; but they are strangers to themselves and never loved, never happy.  So if they are alone they have designed this concept of a broken heart.

A “broken heart”…??  Or a broken ego…??  They seek and lean on the world to find love and happiness when they have forgotten where love and happiness really lie; so their minds, their egos, become attached and obsessed, corrupted by society and the influence they get from it.  They never find themselves, because they seek in relationships, in churches, in governments, in the media–they seek in these places to find a meaning to their empty lives, to find something which can give them some kind of activity to maybe find love and happiness there.  But do they find it…??  No, the roller coaster continues and they are always pining, angry, frustrated, confused; and this monotonous and egoistical activity brings them shame, feelings of worthlessness, so-called “broken hearts,” and the rest of the nonsense in which they choose to dwell. 
But this is pointless, isn’t it…??  Because love and happiness must be self-discovered, unique of themselves.  Who cares about competing?!  One must create his own life, inside, not outside.  One must never be a stranger to oneself; because if there is indeed a sin, that is it.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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