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That heavenly glory…

If you focus on the finger pointing to The Moon, you will miss the magical journey which is seeing all the beauty…

“Seeing the bigger picture opens your eyes to what is the truth.” ~ Wadada Leo Smith; American trumpeter and composer.

“If you spend your life over-analyzing every encounter you will always see the tree, but never the forest.” ~ Shannon L. Alder; American blogger, philosopher, and inspirational author.

The true beauty and great value of this life is in the mystery, is in knowing that no matter how enlightened and intelligent you are you can never know and understand everything; so, you get to always experience new things, always elevate your mind more and more, have deeper insights, develop more wisdom.

Of course, most people do not see life as rich and valuable as I just described it to you, because they focus on the details of what they go through instead of the whole picture, they tend to analyze to death every little thing, and this, of course, brings fear, confusion, daunting doubt which stops you from continuing forwards, and sometimes it also brings paranoia and terrible darkness to the already affected mind.


If you focus on the finger pointing to The Moon, you will miss the magical journey which is seeing all the beauty in between the finger and The Moon, all the wonderful creations of Nature, all the heavenly glory which brings happiness and understanding to your expanding mind.
When you have a problem, a challenge in your life, you probably tend to focus and analyze all the aspects of your life which will be affected now, you also tend to regret what you did and think about what you should have done better. “What’s going to happen now…??”  “I cannot afford losing this or that!”  “There is no way out!   “This will bury me and destroy my future opportunities!”  “I can’t move on with my life; it is too late now…??”  etc. etc.

When your mind is overwhelmed like this, you are right, there is no way out, because you are willingly polluting yourself, willingly cutting yourself from clarity and love, peace and strength to create other routes; thus, you are focusing on the finger and missing all the heavenly glory of opportunities and clarity between the finger and The Moon.
Learn to see beyond the obstacles put in front of you by your own ego.  Learn wisdom, quiet your mind, flow with life and the challenges like fresh water flows in the river, be one with your life, be true to yourself.

Do this daily and you shall master your own life.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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