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Know that the mind, as important as it can be, is just a tool for the physical; therefore, there is more beyond…

“We are dying from over thinking.  We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything.  Think.  Think.  Think.  You can never trust the human mind anyway.  It’s a death trap.”  ~ Anthony Hopkins; Welsh film, stage, and television actor.

“The head thinks.  The heart knows.”  ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru; British life coach, speaker, and motivational author.

“The mind is everything,” Buddha says. And that means that whatever you experience and whatever happens in your life is the influence and creation of your own mind.

We have been given a mortal mind to experience this physical life, and so without a mind this is impossible.  Your mind makes the world, it allows you to physically exist in the world and interact with it every day.


But often one tends to believe and trust that the mind should always be in use, when this is rather the opposite of the purpose of life; even though the mind is everything, it is everything physical, but in order to embrace true happiness in life you must trust that which is not physical or which goes beyond it.

For example, the true essence of what we call love is not physical, and you can never find love in buying things, or in having sex, or in getting married, or in enjoying a conversation; these things are ways of connecting with the physical world, but true love goes beyond all these.

In the same sense, you must allow yourself love to flourish within you by not putting all your time and effort on your mind, on your ego.  Stop overthinking, living in your head, becoming obsessed with thinking and following thought, because this process poisons you and distances you from the pure heart, from self-love, from God.

Overthinking is praising your own thoughts, it is allowing your thoughts, whether positive or negative, to shape your persona and rule your life, create your present and your future.  Accepting life, however, is keeping yourself calmed under stress and also guiding yourself through obstacles and challenges to always come out wiser and successful; and so, to keep yourself calmed under duress, you must connect with your pure heart and silence your nagging mind, your obsessed ego.

Know that the mind, as important as it can be, is just a tool for the physical; therefore, there is more beyond this and you have to embrace it in order to spread love and peace within yourself, because overthinking is the opposite of spreading love and peace within you.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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