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True heart of empathy.

This is true love. Don’t try to understand what I am saying with your intellect, because if you do, then your ego…

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Empathy is that power with which all beings were endowed, which only concerns the pure heart, pure Infinite Intelligence, and has no reference or co-existence with and along the ego; because the ego is of the mortal mind, attached to the physical senses, it creates customs, traditions, beliefs, appetites, and all things which are bound to time, space, and to moods.


Empathy is then related to intuition, it is to listen and follow only the heart; but most people confuse this, because their hearts have been allowed pollution by a desire, by a belief, by an idea from their mortal minds, and thus they “believe” they are following a pure heart.  But the heart has no belief.  Truth has no belief. 

But this is the mediocre state of the human mind.  The only way to know empathy is to raise above this mediocre mind.  Do what is right, not what your appetites desire.


“A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.  And to act so is immoral.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy; Russian philosopher, and novelist.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi.


The heart of man is polluted by the ego of the same man, such man of considered “goodness” and “kindness”–so they eat animals, wear them, destroy nature, pollute habitats, torture animals, etc. etc.


This is, of course, hidden in arguments and beliefs the ego creates and that “spiritual” and non-spiritual men and women of great weakness follow as their ravenous appetite.  And then they claim to know love.


But love, beyond romanticism and friendship, is an essence which creates, builds with FULL compassion and goodness, it has no ego appetites and it sees no differences between a man and a cow, or between the earth and a man.

This is true love.  Don’t try to understand what I am saying with your intellect, because if you do, then your ego will start making up excuses and justifying behaviors.  Only the pure, untainted heart of empathy knows my message.


Love is an experience ONLY the truly awakened knows, and the rest who “believe” they are awakened because of their knowledge do not know (the ego makes them believe that they know it).

Love is Oneness and Oneness cannot exist if there are two beings with differences; for whenever you see differences and you say to yourself, “Is just an animal, buy the steak”, there is no Oneness, there exists no love.

Your ego can try to deceive you and justify all you do, but deep inside you know the truth.



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