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“You must lay aside your greed; have no unworthy motive in your desire to become rich and powerful.  It is legitimate and right to desire riches, if you want them for the sake of your soul, but not if you desire them for the lists of the flesh.”  ~ Wallace D. Wattles; American author and New Thought writer.


When choosing your greatest desire make sure it assimilates the nobility and incredible power of life inside you; that rigorous selection, and only that, may give you the strength and burning passion you need to reach success without fearing the obstacles and falling prey of the distractions in the path ahead.  This is absolutely paramount for us to understand when we initiate the process of choosing the right and most important desire, because if we have in mind that life itself is success and also the greatest desire of existential growth, then we will choose that very desire which is brilliance in the path to our goals but also challenging to our minds’ development as life itself, the greatest teacher, is to each of us.
See, the problem with most people’s desires is that they have only superficial and known glamour which do not go beyond simple imagination, and hence have no uniqueness and warrior spirit in themselves.  People watches TV and want to be the successful businessman or famed actor, people reads popular magazines and want that car or that amount of cash, people praises leaders in the economy and politics of our society and they feel they can follow them and learn to lead like them, people see great houses and cars and boats and wishes to possess that same luxury, people hear of great science and/or spiritual educators and they follow them and read their books religiously to gain their wisdom and reach their level of mastery.

But, you tell me, where is the uniqueness and the creativity of a powerful and inspiring desire in that..??  Where is the incredibly magnificent design of life’s ultimate desire in that…??
No, it is not to be.  That is shallow and mediocre, dull-witted and crude, the spawn of a lazy and selfish mind which only sees itself and its ego possessing riches and knowledge without a unique, inner identity to advocate mankind’s higher growth and purpose.
And mankind’s higher growth and purpose is not what the asleep and unperceptive society dictates, and it is definitely not the soulless consumerism you watch on TV, read in magazines, or hear on the radio; however, I do understand the tremendous mind control and emotional hold these “fashionable” media sources wield upon the weak minds of the pitiable masses, but I also see beyond the misleading façade of these thieves of all reason and healthy encouragement, and I experience in myself the incredible greatness and potentiality of all mankind well past what the misleading physical senses tell me every day.


Remember this higher law of the universe, that the true and higher living is indeed life, and this life is success; on the opposite, the law of the lower ego in man deceives thus, that the lazy and selfish living is life, and this life is success.  Now, meditate on them, choose between the two, and do what truly elevates your spirit and makes you into a better man for the sake of all mankind.
You see, growing a true and spiritually elevating desire to better yourself, your life, and your loved ones, is the key to motivate yourself and surround your heart with a burning passion so great which cannot be extinguished by nothing at all.  Now, this is especially true for the acquisition of material riches, because in the faithful pursuit of these your heart has to be in it with a burning passion which surpasses all fear and indecisiveness within your dual mind.
The deepest desire of growing economically has to be built upon the greatest and most noble foundation humankind may yet reach from within itself, which is in fact spiritual foundation due to the origin of divinity and perfect life the mortal body and dual thought lack; consequently, the noble and honest desire for riches and economic abundance in your life must be originated and sustained by the spiritual motivation/fuel of reaching your higher self, and thus not based on the competitor ego which deceives the human mind into believing that wealth has to be attained by means of aggressive and selfish nature.
Life in its true essence beyond this physical realm is an active DESIRE of dynamic evolution, a self-motivated engine moving ever forward, energies of creativity and conscious awareness of themselves as all corporeal existence is brought into being, then the most beautiful and perfect dance throughout itself and designer of all space and time; for this reason, the desire in man to obtain riches and a prosperous life is something natural and good if the mind in question is under the right impressions and guided by wisdom.  The natural desire born in man to have wealth is not something to feel ashamed of, run away from, or even loathe, as many religions and “spiritual” people seem to believe and self-righteously condemn in other men.
Isn’t it pathetic and hypocritical that many religions of the world express great disapproval, and even hellish denouncement, of the pursuit of wealth while the same institutions take billions of dollars from their blind followers to build hugely massive and pompously luxurious places to worship their blasphemous nonsense and feed those obtuse egos they have…??  They make billions each year and pay no taxes, gloat and teach about the virtuous pursuit of a common life with no riches whatsoever, and all this while millions of people around the world suffer extreme poverty and starvation under conditions which are gravely inhumane and that of the lowest creature existing under God’s shining Sun.
Human beings are meant to obtain growth, not only spiritually but economically as well, because that is what the essence of life itself is, unlimited and powerful growth.  That one man occupies his whole time and effort in achieving material riches is absolutely weak and wrong.  That one man occupies his whole time and effort in reaching spiritual growth is narrow-minded and obtuse.  The two pursuits shall go together in order to be and feel whole, the spiritual and physical beings we are.  We are dual beings and as long as we have a body and a flawed mind we shall be that, no matter the enlightenment or the status in society.

We need to embrace what we are and what we need in this life.  No wise man can lead a full life either only spiritually or only materially.  The wise sage finds the balance in the pursuit of both.
Economic growth must be seen as something noble and good because it adds to a better life, a freedom’s advocate; but the spirit and mind have to grow with it, lest we become monsters which remain enslaved to our own physical senses and commanding ego.  The same goes for spiritual growth.  They both need to find balance in order for the mind of man to reach spiritual, and also human, freedom and bliss.



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