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The Greatest Clarity.

So, I was thinking the other day about imagination, the power to create, not just works of art but to create solutions and a better life for oneself. Because that is what imagination does. Imagination is meant to expand our minds, not make us more intellectual but more compassionate and able to create from emotional understanding. The more imagination, the more you will understand of yourself, life, others. The more imagination, the more intelligence.

As a writer of nonfiction, of spiritual and self-help, and now of young adult fantasy books, I know the great gifts of imagination. I know how strengthening this “muscle” in your mind gives you expansion of mind and great wisdom. And I was writing the other day, just finishing my young adult novel coming out soon, titled “BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman” which I am planning to make a series.

I was thinking how many of us simply fall into addiction and depressions due to not strengthening imagination. If you have imagination, then you can envision yourself happy, in love, positive, without anxiety and addictions. How wonderful it is to see yourself better in your mind, and then it is easier to adopt healthier habits. This is something which intelligence gives you. True imagination expands your intelligence, so you see yourself making better choices. And if you can see it, then you can change and do it.


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