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Risk everything.




Life is love.  Love is life.  Forget about romance and all labels superficial.  Life is the risk of openness, expression of how you feel, a jump with courage all throughout your days. 

Don’t live in your mind where everything is analysis, prejudice, and difficulties; but live in and through your heart, where everything is love for life without words.  Follow your intuition.

You cannot expect to love, and to be loved, with a mind of prejudice, of analysis, of grudges.  Risk losing what you are to find what you need to be.

Risk losing your mind just to find me

Love risks everything the mind is,
Love grows everything good,
Love is the fire that keeps us young,
Love inspires all creatures to live.
Where the stars make love to the moons,
Where the womb nurtures the baby-to-be,
Where the flames kiss the currents of air,
You’ll meet me there without more delays.
But leave your feet on the ground, come alone;
Fly towards my burning soul, bare yourself.
This is certainly to love me and to love life,
To risk losing your mind just to find me.





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