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The moon symbolizes…

Tomorrow, the 16th of April.  Go outside.  With your telescope.  Or just your eyes.  And behold!  April’s full moon is called the “Pink Moon” because April sees the emergence of the Phlox subulata wildflowers that bloom in pink.  But to be clear, the moon won’t actually be pink. It will actually glow orange – if you catch it at the right time.  And no, friend, you don’t have to worship it… unless you really want to!

Why am I telling you this..??  Because the full moon reminds us that everything in nature goes through the same cycle.  Water evaporates from the ocean and falls down again as rain. Fruit falls from a tree, carrying a seed that grows into a new tree.  Even us.  We are evolving each moment, decisions mark our direction.  So is important to remind ourselves that our past doesn’t define us.

Flaws, mistakes, childhood, whatever it is, doesn’t represent you.  Unless you allow it to do so.  And also it reminds us that no matter what we did we can start again.  Like the moon comes up, then disappears in the daytime, and then materializes to our view at night again.  That same cycle is for us.  We can start again.  A better view of our lives.  Better decisions. But it is the way we learn.  We evolve.  We look to the past just to learn and make better choices. 

If we don’t learn from our past and become better, what are we doing here then??  To me, life, with the struggle, with the suffering, with the injustice, is all about me learning and becoming better.  If I expect life to change, I am wasting my time.  I am my life, so I must change.  The Moon, I thought, it was just a nice symbol.  And my next book in the series, #3, “The Book of 1st Witchcraft,” is deep in sorcery and witchcraft; hence moon magic.  So, I just love the moon.  Can you tell…??

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