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“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

~ Jhumpa Lahiri

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Praise for the BENJAMIN JONES series:

“I loved the Percy Jackson feel of this quest, full of memorable monsters and an interesting mythology! Rodriguez builds the meaningful message of the book really well too, showing the true meaning of magic. If you’re looking for an epic quest packed to the monstrous gills with danger, creatures, magic, myths, and great characters, come seek the orb with Benjamin Jones!” ~ Joshua Grant.

“A great book. Fellowship, ghouls and the quest to find ones true self. I can’t wait to read Author Asa Rodriguez other three books. A indie author to follow!!” ~ TC Lovejoy


Middle grade/Young adult


Is darkness falling upon Planet Earth??

A story of gods, demons, rebellion, enlightenment and self-discovery.


Middle grade/Young adult


What do you do with all the darkness you carry??

Don’t follow the whispers….