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“Ben took a  few  steps  forward,  acknowledged  the  animated  group  of  trees,  and  then  said,  “Thank  you!  What  I  meant  was,  how  is  it  possible  that  you  can  talk?!”

     “What  do  you  mean??  You  can  talk!  Why  couldn’t  we?!”  protested  the  willow  tree.  

     When  he  said  this,  everybody  began  talking  again.  The  mumbling  of  words  filled  the  night’s  air.  Then  the  ancient  tree  on the other side spoke  to  Ben  again,  “Come  near  me,  son.  What’s  your  name…??”

     Ben  approached  the  tree  with  a  quiet  ease  now.  “My  name  is  Benjamin.  You  can  call  me  Ben.”

     An  intimation  of  memories  rushed.  “Benjamin.  Benjamin…  Yes.  I  have  seen  your  face  before.  And  that  name  sounds  familiar  too.”  His  voice  sounded  more  pleasant  now,  as  if  talking  to  an  old  friend… ” ~ The Call of the shaman.

This was a section of the #1 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES.

I started this book series to bring some entertainment, but also bring some insights and moral guidance to myself and to the reader. I always liked the worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson,’ so I wanted to write in the same narrative and adventure style.

But also I wanted to join it with the world of spirituality and human goodness. We all have moral values in us and the strength to act on them, even if sometimes the struggle in life clouds our judgement. So, I know readers will enjoy this book, as it brings some needed adventure and insight into daily life.

And that’s why I made a serious effort with these following retailers to offer the book for FREE.

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