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A sense of deep intuition.




The way one sees life, from the moment one gets up in the morning to the moment one enters sleep at night, is what creates the experience of life; thus, one must focus on choosing to see life with a deep sense of intuition.

And a deep sense of intuition is not of the mind.  The mind says, “I have this problem and such and such issue, so I have to feel worthless and depressed.”

Or the mind says, “Things are not going the way I want them to go, I feel lonely and upset, so I have to feel self-pity and anxiety.  And this becomes automatic if you never learn to discipline your own mind.

But a deep sense of intuition does not say anything to you, because intuition is a spirit of harmony and happiness for no reason at all, even if your world ends.

Intuition is the opposite of the mind, of thoughts, of words; for with intuition you just go about your day, you do what you have to do, you put all your energy into it with a smile and without complaining, and you clear your mind/your ego from any negativity.




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