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Silent healing.

And it is so that sometimes words don’t even compare to silence.

The silence of a gaze, of a simple smile, of hand holding, of us.

There’s no need for arguments, win or lose, superior or inferior.

The mind full of chatter deceives the purpose of love.

The mind full of chatter must be changed to a silent mind.

Quite often we think that expression is about words, about arguments, about who’s louder. But expression is about communication, and communication sometimes requires a commitment to communicate without words. Sometimes is what we don’t say that finally tells people who we are. Sometimes not reacting to provocations says more than long and heated arguments.

To be calmer & more harmonious.

To be more direct and struggle less.

By remaining calm and collected, by letting go of the desire to win then, we actually win. I suffered from anxiety for long, so I know about heated arguments and an anxious mind filled with impatience. But what I needed was really the time to myself to understand that a more calm approach is healing, letting go of the anger and frustration, respecting myself by not engaging in silly arguments.

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