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Just love her.

The feminine seeks to discover her own beauty. Women are meant to be loved.


If she wants you, don’t worry about the rest. Love her entirely, with passion and honesty; and she will be yours, as long as you do this. The feminine just wants to feel loved, feel her own beauty blooming. This is her sole purpose for existence. This is her nature.

She has been born in a physical body to learn about her own beauty, and to feel the emotional and physical affection her soul’s nature craves. As you love her, she will find safety and comfort, freedom and sweetness in herself and with you. This will inspire her to better herself, to love herself, to keep herself beautiful and passionate.

She will mold to the masculine if she feels truly loved, free to be herself, and without judgment from him. If man can stop trying so hard. If man can stop overthinking. If man can stop trying to control and fix everything, then she becomes his in mind, heart and body.


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