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Past your own mortality.

This is the secret to expand the mind and always keep it young and…


When you experience something, when you learn something, when you hear something, when you read anything at all; but, especially when anybody tells you anything, ask more questions, inquire into the essence of the information you received, be skeptical and curious–more like the child who is always asking questions to his parents to understand more and more.

This is the secret to expand the mind and always keep it young and energetic, because as long as the mind is kept in awe and seeking new information, and discovering mysteries and growing in curiosity, then your attention remains in amazement and focused on discovering things for itself.

While the mind is kept like this, in amazement of life and discovering things for itself, then the miracle of the depth of life reaches your very conscience, and you feel new each moment, a rebirth each moment, and you appreciate everything with joy and without fear.

Because for the mind to have fear it must fall prey of delusions and worries; but if the mind is kept in amazement and discovery there is no room in it for any fear. 

Fear, confusion, worry, stress, appear because the mind is following your situations, the pressures you feel, your ego activities, the blind acceptance of information and the influence of anything which society puts in front of you.

This is to see past your own mortality, because the mind in its delusional ego creates growing old and fear of death; however, if the mind is new each moment then you have no fear of growing old or of somehow decaying psychologically to an idea attached to death.





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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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