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Demon of Agency (Impressions).

Reality is not a substance you can acquire or obtain by solely experiencing your individual impressions of…

What is reality…??  How does reality penetrate into the human psyche…??  Your mind is the content of the world fed by your physical senses–then how do you truly access reality…??  All the mind knows is impressions, and in fact there is nothing outside the mind but impressions; hence, there is no substance of true reality in the world, all you see, touch, hear, and experience are impressions.  Indeed your life–i.e., your relationships, your things, your joys, your miseries, etc.–is impressions.  For example: when you see a beautiful woman or man, what makes your pupils dilate, your heart beat faster, are impressions.  Anything started by a thought, by a feeling, is an impression–something which decays and has no reality of its own.

One may think that one is experiencing reality, and in fact that is why we have an ego–i.e., to experience the wonderful illusions of this world which bring joys and sufferings to the same human structure.  But what we truly experience is subtle winds or sensations originated by the presence of other individual minds in the universal creation; and these winds or sensations, by the marvelous design of our nervous system (our physical existence), get transformed into chemistry which creates familiar forms, attractive or non-attractive shapes, and the rest in order for our experience to offer choice.  And that is what human experience is, namely choice, or a set of choices (conscious or subconscious) which create change.

These demons of agency, these impressions, must be recognized once they penetrate the nervous system if one is to see reality and acquire the great understanding of God and of the whole cosmos.  Reality is not a substance you can acquire or obtain by solely experiencing your individual impressions of the world you see around you; for your impressions only give you thoughts and feelings, opinions and beliefs, concepts and points of view–i.e., all illusions of a human mind.  But reality is true gnosis, true inward search and realization; therefore, anything else is not reality, but your human mind/your own design of reality.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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