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See the big picture.

Life is exactly the same, as people go around focusing on the detail and stressing over their situations, thus forgetting the big…

Having the big picture in mind is paramount in life, and I learned this like most people–the hard way.  Life is art, and art is life:  When an artist creates his piece, he sees it in his mind with color and detail, then he starts doing figure studies on paper or he goes right on the canvas and draws or puts in charcoal his vision; however, in order to paint a great and emotive piece later, he must really focus on the drawing and on the details of it first (the base of the painting figure).  But he must not forget to walk back once in a while and look at his drawing, observe calmly the big picture, step away from detailing and ease his mind by seeing the whole canvas–where his figure is located, the size of the figure and parts, the structure of the drawing and the particular attraction to the eye and such.


Life is exactly the same, as people go around focusing on the detail and stressing over their situations, thus forgetting the big picture–their minds anxious and corrupted by their problems and current relationships.  But in order to ease the mind, you must be like the great artist who steps back, calms his mind from the stress of detail and allows himself to see and enjoy the figure (life) he is working on–because this process gives perspective and clarity to his mind.  That is why in life you must wake up and create, truly create, as the great artist; and stop following the examples of your family and society in general–they just see the small picture and allow their problems to consume them.  But is a life lived anxiously, with stress and preoccupation all the time, every day without a break, a life…??

Can’t you see that the whole existence is a celebration…?? Your mind must be tamed so you can truly see and enjoy life; your ego and its ways of anxiety, anger, stress, and others must be disciplined…  Never forget that your mind is all there is; your life is your mind, and your mind is your life.  So make it your masterpiece…

Live life in each moment and step back once in a while to see the whole picture, where you are going, without stress, without being taken hostage by your ambitions and moments of anger.


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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