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Tips on Problem Solving

Words, like thoughts, are energy, powerful energy which attracts either positive or negative outcomes. Most people fail on finding solutions to big problems because they ignore this deep understanding; this can either bring more problems and stress or it can bring solutions and mental peace. Your choice…

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”  ~ Sir Bernard Williams; English Moral philosopher.

Life is challenges, that is the value of life, the rich essence of human existence.  Imagine if you didn’t have problems or challenges, you would never grow and learn, you would never feel blissful and accomplished whenever you have achieved something you have worked for.  Human beings only know success because they know frustration and failure.  Human beings only know happiness because they know unhappiness.  Human beings only know how love feels because they know how fear, hate, and rejection feels.

A few tips on Problem Solving for your everyday life:

  1. Accept the problem:  Quite often we try to push on, live our lives ignoring a problem or just hoping it goes away on its own; however, this might be counterproductive for growth and for a solution, because it could backfire on us.  Acceptance of a problem means that you are not resisting and not feeding that problem by an immature and damaging process.  Accepting it means that you allow peace and clarity to enter your mind and so think better, to become one with the problem and not running away from it like it is your enemy.  Problems are not enemies, they are there for a reason; to help us grow and master ourselves, master our skills of creativity, of imagination.  So become one with the energies of your problems; because those energies can be transformed in solutions if you work with that problem.
  2. Keep calm and analyze:  Ask yourself:  What’s the worst that could happen…??  Is this really the end of my life…??  Should I let this problem rob me of happiness and clarity…??  Should I allow fear to take over my mind and my body…??  Thoughts of obsession and darkness seem to overwhelm the mind when we have a problem, and by taking a step back, sitting calmly, breathing deeply and meditating or contemplating on the problem, we can then become rulers over the situation and get rid of the brunt or heart of the stress we feel.  And remember that stress is conducive to illness and all sorts of problems, specially it blocks your creative thinking.
  3. Remember who you are and look at failure as nothing to you:  This is a big one, and one that most of us forget.  What human beings really are, beyond the mere thoughts we have and the decaying flesh we see in the mirror, is energy, energy inside each atom that makes us; and this energy is what we call Imagination or Creativity, and this is why we are given by life problems and challenges in the first place, because we are equipped by nature to solve them, whether you are conscious of it or not…  Also whenever problems overwhelm you, look and learn from highly successful people and their views on failure–i.e., failure is just a state of the mind for them, and something not to be feared but to be welcomed and learn from.
  4. Don’t be proud, ask for help:  Quite often, there is that foolish pride the ego creates, that embarrassment perhaps, that fear; but, the opposite of fear is love, so you have to accept to expand that love to get rid of that fear, and you do it by connecting with others, by sharing the weights you carry on your shoulders with others.  As human beings, we are to support each other because we are a collective species, we are one in the sense that we must help each other with the challenges we present.  Pride drives the ego and so the problems you may have exacerbate or become heavier on you; therefore, help others with their problems, and help yourself by connecting with others and sharing the burden you carry.  Asking for help means trust, and trust is the expansion of love; the expansion of love is not a weakness but a strength, an imaginable power.
  5. Use The Universal Law:  This law says that a task will expand in time and seeming complexity depending on the time you set aside for it.  For instance, if you say to yourself that you will come up with a solution within a week, then the problem will seem to grow more difficult and you will spend more and more time trying to come up with a solution.  So focus your time on finding solutions, be clear of mind first and then give yourself an hour or so (instead than a whole week) to find that solution.  In this manner, you will rule your own mind and not allow panic or stress to set in and take over, you will give your mind a definite time frame and structure to come up with a solution in a very ordered way; and this will drive the best methods to use the energies of creativity that lie within you.
  6. Watch your words about the problem:  Words, like thoughts, are energy, powerful energy which attracts either positive or negative outcomes.  Most people fail on finding solutions to big problems because they ignore this deep understanding; this can either bring more problems and stress or it can bring solutions and mental peace.  Your choice…  Whenever you feel frustrated and say something negative like “I cannot do this!” or, “There’s no solution here!” you allow more stressful thoughts and situations to appear in your midst, to overwhelm you further.  Whenever you do this, you are summoning negative energy by picturing a “giving up” image in your mind.  This is the loser’s mentality, but most people do not realize it.  The winner’s mentality realizes that there is no failure or losing in life, just challenges to learn from and always grow.  So be wise, adopt a winner’s mentality! 


There is always a solution to your problems, but the challenge is to keep your mind clear and peaceful to find it.

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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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