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Death of deep thought…

All television is educational television.   The question is:  what is it teaching?”  ~Nicholas Johnson; American educator  and self-help author.

Since the advent of television, and tragically through the advancement of more and more visual garbage, most people have become zombies of the trade of existing to pollute their own minds and fracture their own brains, inasmuch as becoming willing participants of their neglected relationships and poisoned thinking processes.
Most television shows, specially, but not limited to, the news and reality shows, as well as celebrity entertainment shows, deal with fear, as in gossip anxiety, jealousy, materialistic greed and the overall dumbing down of the human thought; therefore, via your watching these shows, your mind becomes affected, perhaps subconsciously, and poisoned because your brain plasticity (your structured learning) is absorbing and swimming in low vibratory images and words which trigger basic fears and anxious emotions within you–i.e., fears, jealousy, gossip anxiety, and poor development of intellectual thought.

Accordingly, this sick mental condition affects your behaviors and powers of intuition, such behaviors and powers of intuition which represent the key elements for all success in life, the path to all abundance and prosperity, your views in life, your awakening to the truth, and the freedom of the mind to embrace the happiness within you.

Television makes people dependent, it robs you of individuality and uniqueness without you knowing it; therefore, subconsciously, your mind alters and attaches to what you see, you learn and form your persona around what you experience, the world and reality are taught to you through this idiotic screen, your brain molds and beliefs and ideas are not yours anymore.  This continues at any age; however, the human developing brain is a sponge when we are children, so this is the time where we learn more about the world and the time where we create a strong base of reality.  What a young brain absorbs is what the individual grows up to be, either a follower who thinks and acts for himself and sees reality as it really is, or some drone who carries superficial thoughts borrowed from the mediocre masses with no inner vision of his own.



“The dumbing down of America, and of other media-heavy countries, is evident in the slow decay of substantive content, a kind of celebration of ignorance.” ~ Carl Sagan; astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, lecturer.

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