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Adventurous to start…

Being adventurous

I think to be entirely oneself one must be brave, adventurous, not focused on the way others think and feel. I must connect with me, by focusing entirely on me. And the same goes for my activities, because in order to be successful I must create and do with freedom.

Creating and doing with freedom makes me feel joyful and confident. And life, in any aspect, requires this level of commitment from me. Commitment is not scary, or a burden, or a chore, if you feel joy and confidence in you.

Gaining experience as you go

And I often have felt afraid or overwhelmed when initiating a task, an activity, especially when writing the beginning of a story. But then again, creating and doing with freedom. So, I have come to understand that the biggest hurdle is the start of something, but that the start only asks for my adventurous spirit, my devotion for discovery.

It’s like exploring a place in which you’ve never been before. It’s all new, but as you start or enter the place then you become curious, and then more curious, and then you keep going with new ideas and driven by a passion to learn more about the place. And that is how experience comes to you, as you have the bravery to start and push yourself to keep discovering.