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Wise leadership (Yin and Yang principles)

This one is inspired by a book I am writing. And this piece here is about the first step in leading yourself and others in business and in life itself.

“An army of a thousand is easy to find but, aah, yes, how difficult to find a general.”  ~ Chinese Proverb.


I am currently working on a self-help book, titled – “Inner Wealth, Outer Wealth,” and it felt appropriate to share with you a small passage from a chapter I titled – ‘Wise leadership: The godly powers to build.’

     I was contemplating within myself this morning and it came to me just how we sometimes tend to forget about the forces of nature working within ourselves when it comes to opening the path for others to thrive, and even for our own selves to thrive, in the business of life.  See,  when it comes to all business, of course, most people focuses on the outward aspects of leadership and strength to lead–i.e.  always planning and directing people in the crux of professional pursuits, whether in your own business or in the business of others.  But there is also a mighty power which is highly motivational and successful if harnessed by the great and wise warrior; that is, silence is a great and divine source of strength for the wise leader of any business and of life itself.

Have you ever noticed that experienced and successful motivational speakers pause sometimes to build momentum and let the wisdom their giving to people sink in…??  Have you paid attention to great movies when the hero is about to kill the murderer or save the day, that momentum building suspense or anxiety in the viewer to evoke deeper emotions…??  That is silence which aids in achieving success without effort, and so the wise leader understands how these energies in silence influence the minds and emotions of other fellow men.  Silence, when it is summoned by a true leader, is indeed wisdom emerging from the mental power of the energies of leadership.  Silence this powerful and influential springs only from wisdom, from Infinite or Higher Intelligence, because the energy in silence indeed manifests Cosmic Creation itself.

Hence the contrary, talking and talking, stressing yourself and others nonstop, rushing yourself loudly and others, is the realm of the waking mind, the mind which never stops its monkeying around, the earthly mind, always having something to add like a ravenous monkey, always having to prove its intelligence like the vainglorious man, always having complaints and opinions about every little thing; and such narrow-minded and obnoxious process is the enemy of all wise leadership.  Can you learn to work hard and do great things without doing anything…??  Can you manifest your intentions and your beliefs to others without having to always do something…??  Can you achieve without moving a single finger…??  Can you learn to become open and without the need to always be thinking about the stresses and problems of your day and the pressures of your  business…??  Can you lead yourself and others without actually leading as most men do…??  These questions seem complex, perhaps even illogical, for the uninitiated in mental leadership, but they are quite simple to the powerful mind of the experienced mental scientist.

Indeed, a mind this vigorous and grand goes beyond the mind of the normal individual, whether the person is rich or not, educated or not, fair-skinned or not, male or female, young or old; therefore, some may call this mind ‘the mind of the genius businessman.’  And this mind is made, not born.  Once your mind becomes this powerful, you can positively answer these questions; but, until then, you will not even understand them.



The great wisdom of Chinese philosophy shows us the way to power and leadership, to the fruitful and successful life in any facet.  Being open and receptive, or having a powerful mind which is open and receptive, among the many disturbances and distractions of the pressures of daily personal and public life is called Yin, the moon, the valley, the concealed aspect, the female force or female principle in nature;  being strong and directive is called Yang, the sun, the mountain, the superficial aspect, the masculine force or masculine principle in nature.  But, even though they seem absolutely different and apart from each other, like heaven and hell, they are in fact two parts of a whole, just like the concepts of  heaven and hell; hence, they are one and the same and need each other, because neither one is whole by itself, and a powerful and successful mind can only be whole.

Now, imagine a valley with beautiful flowers of many colors like violet, red, pink, yellow, and blue, and in its center an open and outstandingly green field with a vast and inviting source of clear water; then, in its reflection, you can see all energy of creation, all power of the creative mind.  Go to the waters and be still, patient, observe silence and beauty, contemplate the freshness and rich texture of the naturally flowing waters, see the great gifts and possibilities in the stream reflecting back to you; and as you do this, your whole body becomes energized by this inner transformation.  And you became transformed just now by the reflection upon the clear waters, as soon as you peered into them, because you  yourself were the reflection, and because you were the waters as well.  This is Infinite Intelligence.  This is Yin, the female principle in nature.  You can go to these waters whenever you want, they will always be there for you, even if you feel depressed or miserable, undeserving or unsuccessful, the source of water will always be clear and rich with reflections.  You need not fear.

The wise man, the wise leader, knows this and visits the waters quite often, in utter silence he observes, no words or opinions of any kind are allowed lest he disturbs the waters and misses the beautiful and transforming reflection.

Now, imagine a boat or ship, sturdy, commanding, of great power and engineering, committed to sailing, discovering new places, conquering storms in the tempests of night, going where no man has ever dared to go before because this ship has big and noble ambitions.  The ship’s engine and sails are mighty as they affront the tempestuous currents of the night, as they cruise with power and a rebellious attitude through all obstacle and naysayer in its path.  This ship is also you, it is your intellect full of desires and ambitions, the one encountering all the storms and dangers.  This is Yang, the masculine principle in nature.   You can guide the strong and commanding ship always forth, you can conquer all misfortunes and stresses in life, you can be invincible if you know how and where to steer the ship; however, you need both, Yin and Yang, to succeed, for you need to be whole first—i.e. if you are broken, if you guide yourself and your life with just one piece, then you must discover the other piece in yourself, that is, if you seek success in all aspects of life.

Only a wise and powerful leader knows this in his heart, and the people he guides and aids knows it as well, because he himself emanates this like sunlight emanates warmth.  See, reader, leadership is about preparation of your mental forces and attitudes first; therefore, if your house is cluttered and filthy, no person will come to you because you will reek of self-pity and lack of ambition.  The attraction to better yourself and to motivate others is not there.

But do your dutiful, inner work, visit the waters of your own consciousness in silence and respect to be energized and transformed, steer the ship in a strong and ambitious manner, do not stress yourself and others, and the rest will come to you as the moth comes to the flame.



By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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