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Prophecy of the cursed child (video)

“A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway.”

Christopher Reeve

We all carry darkness. We all carry burdens, fears, troubled pasts, something which annoys us in some way. But the spirit of the human being is to see past this, to rise above one’s self-pity. The courage is in us, hidden below the layers of self-inflicted suffering and guilt. We only need to try hard and see beyond our sorrows, keep going in spite of the troubles in life, and remind ourselves that nothing is written in destiny. Destiny is something only we can create as we choose our path in life.

I have thought about this for long, and on the character I have created, named BENJAMIN JONES.

This is another book trailer introduction to “The Return of The Gods.” The fantasy/mystery book #2 in the series “BENJAMIN JONES.” Coming soon.

This trailer is about what has been written by Enki, Sumerian God. It’s about the one to rise as a hero, the one to sit by the gods, the one to be loved and venerated by the people; and about the darkness swallowing the land. I hope you enjoy it.


And while you wait for “BENJAMIN JONES – The Return of The Gods” to come out, #1 in the series, “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The shaman,” is free to download on my website when you subscribe to my bookish newsletter. Thanks.

Book reviews Stories to ponder.

Barnaby Brown and The Time Machine.

This is a review for “Barnaby Brown and The Time Machine.” This is a young adult fantasy novel full of engaging action and entertainment. I found this one very intense as it goes through several stages, since it is about time travel as it moves onto a more intense plot involving aliens.

This one was a surprising read, at least for me. Surprising good, exciting, fantasy driven. The story starts with Barnaby getting used to his new school in New York, since he is a newly arrived Englishboy. But as he meets friends and the story gets interesting, we begin to see how curious he is and how much potential for something more there is now in the story. The story evolves fast, and the plot thickens. He begins to time travel and discover new things about how time works, what science can do, and finally what he holds inside. As a new arrival from another planet teaches him to protect his world from a new threat, he unleashes that potential and we see him doing fantastical things only a hero does.

This story is rich in ideas and imagination, which is particularly what I am all about since I am also writing my first young adult fantasy novel called “BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman” to be released soon. I felt transported to all the places and situations in the story. “BARNABY BROWN and The Time machine” is very well-written and very creative. I find that we all need some of this to ease our own minds and expand our imagination. I really recommend this one. Personally, I like the fact that all of the author’s books aim to expand imagination, and these stories push you to ask yourself “what if I was in this situation?? What would I do??” The situations are somewhat fantastical, highly imaginative, and they offer great insights into reality.

I give him a great 4 stars.


He says…

A Scot now living in Singapore, which means I’m confused by warm rain and freezing cold cinemas. Nevertheless, I have some fantastic space and views to allow my creativity to wander.

I completed my first book in Scotland, a test, to see if I could get through the process and layer stories to keep them fluid and fun. Everyday, my 3 hour round trip on the bus from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders allowed me a little sandbox in which to bury myself and focus.

I love adventure, let’s face it, who doesn’t? My work so far is science fiction but with a strong tether in reality. It’s situational, questioning how you would react in these circumstances. The first book was focused on adults but now I’m working on a series (Barnaby Brown) that I think encapsulates the best elements of all true universal adventures and is aimed to children and adults alike, an adventure they can all take at bedtime or whenever.


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