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Attention and attraction.

What keeps you joyful in a relationship is not love. Love is always there, whether you like it or not; and you don’t have to really do anything to love and be loved. “Falling in love” and “Falling out of love” are just concepts from a society with no clue of what love is.

What keeps the joy and harmony in a relationship is attention and the formula of attraction. Why many relationships fail is due to losing attention to each other and, basically, not understanding the formula to grow attraction. Attention and attraction are created by the mind, which is why these are always the ones in charge.

The most important thing is to tame your mind, to teach it to focus on the affection and on the attractive traits. This will increase attention and attractiveness in your mind, and slowly this will transform any flaws and negative traits you see in the other. It’s all about the mind. Once you rule over your mind, then all is well.

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