Stories to ponder.

Transcending limitations.

In order to accept the new you, the…




  • You lived what you lived for a reason.  Whatever that reason was, it’s not your business.  What is your business is to take time for yourself, deal patiently with yourself and your emotional changes.  Do not rush into anything without really absorbing these changes into your awareness, making them a part of your conscious.

  • In order to accept the new you, the new changes in your life, and gain new perspectives, you must do this and honor yourself with love and understanding.  Wisdom cannot exist in you without this self-observation.  Meditate on your past but do not get attached to it.  Look closely at who you are and how you truly feel without jumping into conclusion and drowning in self-pity.

I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.

By thegodwithinblog

I am an author, philosopher, poet, book reviewer, fine-art painter, health expert, lover of life. Through my creative writing I seek inspiration and to inspire others.

I know that all the love and happiness live already inside us, and if we can just silence our minds we might just connect more with our pure hearts.

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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