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New Year, New Life.

So, I hope you had a good time on your holidays. I always feel that holidays, and specially times in winter, are occasions to reflect on the past year and to cherish what we have (whether much or little). Times to enjoy and leave the anger, frustration, and what we didn’t get. Better choose to think about a better coming year, and think about ways to better habits to make it a better year. Because nothing gets better in life if we do not commit to it and change our habits towards something new and better.

I spent it with family, and enjoyed my time.

But besides family, a great part of my life is my creativity. To pour my imagination and passion for something into my work. I think a person should use creativity in all one does, and expand that muscle into different aspects of life. Personally, it liberates me and gives me the capacity to create who I am, to discover other parts of me that I didn’t know before.

I have been working on new paintings and book cover designs for my high fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

On the first adventure, “The Call of The Shaman,” Ben’s parents have died and left him an orphan. He then, joined by his friends, goes on a journey of self-discovery; and he finds out he’s a shaman, and the chosen one to host the ancient Sumerian hero/demigod Wolf boy. He discovers many things about himself, and he must deal with dark forces in his path…

On the second adventure, “The Return of The Gods,” following the events of the 1st adventure, he meets the ancient Sumerian gods. He joins them and he learns of a war going on between gods and demons. But, lost in the darkness, due to Wolf boy’s curse, he finds himself in a purgatory world, The Dark World. Now with the help of his living and magical shadow and the soul of the ancient god in him, he must train and find a way out the darkness…

By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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