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Do not let your feelings to overwhelm you and make you irrational and…




What drives us as human creatures, whether we like it or not, is our emotions, the way we feel about ourselves, about others, about our situations in the world; and that is why they are so important, and it is why emotions, feelings must be respected, explored, cherished.

Feelings must not be escaped or condemned. Feeling anger, hate, intolerance, excitement, sadness, joy, and the rest, is very human, natural, healthy even; however, what is not healthy is to remain unconscious and allow these feelings to make us immoral and full of anxiety and without control of our thoughts and actions.

These strong emotions turned into feelings by the ego must then be analyzed, transformed in something positive and clear sometimes–  Why do I feel this way??  What rationality and purpose is in that I remain angry??  What is this doing to my mind??  How should I communicate my feelings??

We must carry ourselves with honesty and pride, be confident in how we feel, and know that the way we feel is ALWAYS telling us something and giving us energy to learn to consciously better ourselves.  Be not afraid to communicate to others the way you feel, and do it in a way that is rational and clear so you may build a strong and deep connection with people.

Do not let your feelings to overwhelm you and make you irrational and impulsive, but be patient, breathe, study how you feel and then react to the world accordingly.  You have a responsibility to be honest and true to your feelings always, but also you have a responsibility to be true to how you behave and to be rational in your choices in the world.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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